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Hi there, I’m Michelle. I am excited to talk to you about windows. The windows in my home were all custom selected for their strength, durability and beauty. The windows allow me to look out beyond the walls of my home to view the world around me. I enjoy watching the sunrise through the windows while I eat breakfast and enjoying the way the light reflects off the glass. I hope you can use the information on this website to develop a love for windows as well. Thank you for visiting my site today. I will see you again soon.


Building Your Dream Home? Why You Should Add Bay Windows To The Design

If you're building your own home, and you're in the process of choosing windows, don't forget to add a few bay windows. Unlike ordinary windows, bay windows add depth to any room. They also enhance the overall beauty and appeal of your home. You might not realize this, but bay windows can also increase the value of your home along with other benefits you may not have considered. Before you pass up the opportunity to include bay windows in the design of your home, read the list provided below. You'll find four great reasons to talk to your contractor about adding them to the final design of your home.

Enjoy the Fresh Air

If you're designing window features for your home, you want to improve airflow as much as possible. Adding airflow to the house can improve air quality, and can also make your home more energy-efficient. This is especially true during the summer. One way to improve airflow is to add bay windows to your home design. Because of the unique design, bay windows can provide cross-ventilation, which can allow better circulation of the air through your home. 

Expand Your View

If you enjoy watching the view from your windows, it's time to add bay windows to the design of your home. One of the great things about bay windows is that they can offer an expanded view. That's because the three sections are designed to provide a view from multiple angles. As a result, you'll be able to see more of the landscape from your windows. 

Increase the Usable Space

If you're looking for a way to increase the space in your small rooms, bay windows can help. This is especially beneficial in kitchens, breakfast nooks, and bedrooms. The three separate window sections of bay windows extend out beyond the walls. As a result, you can use that additional space. In fact, you can even have built-in benches included with your bay windows, which provides your room with additional seating. 

Enhance Natural Light

If you want to reduce your dependence on artificial light and increase the natural light in your new home, adding bay windows may be the answer you're looking for. Bay windows provide additional space for natural light to filter into your home. This is especially true when you install bay windows on your east and west-facing walls. Once you install bay windows, you'll enjoy plenty of natural light.