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4 Different Types Of Wood Shutters For Your Home

Wood shutters on the outside of a home are a classic look. Wood shutters can bring class and style to a home. Additionally, wood shutters can also serve a functional purpose, by protecting your windows when they are closed in a storm. There are numerous styles of wood shutters though, so before you order some wood shutters, make sure that you know what you are really purchasing.

#1 Café Style 

Café style shutters do not cover up your entire window. Café style shutters are designed to cover the lower portion of your windows. Café shutters are sometimes used on the outside of the home. However, café shutters are more often used inside of the home. Café style shutters can allow you to get some privacy while still allowing light into your home.

With café style shutters, you can go with thinner or wider panels, depending on your personal preference.

#2 Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters are designed to cover your entire window, from top to bottom. Full height shutters may have two panels that cover up your entire window, or they may have multiple panels. Full height shutters could have two, four, six, or even eight panels that flex on hinges. Usually, with full height shutters, there are an even number of shutters on both sides of your windows. The shutters can rotate on hinges.

Full height shutters are a nice way to cover up your entire window. They are more common outside one's home. They can remain open most of the time, and be drawn closed when needed.

#3 Tier-On-Tier Shutters

Another style is tier-on-tier shutters. Tier-on-tier shutters are a type of full height shutters. With tier-on-tier shutters, the shutters are split so that you can independently control the lower and upper tier of the shutters. This will allow you to leave the top shutters open and the bottom shutters closed or vice-versa. You will also be able to close your shutters completely or open them all the way.

#4 Mobile Shutters

Another feature, more than the style of shutter, are mobile shutters. These shutters have a motor on them that allow you to open and close your shutters without having to manually open or close your shutters. This is a great feature, especially for shutters that are on the outside of your home and are hard to reach. With mobile shutters, you will be able to control your shutters from a distance.

Before you invest in wood shutters for your home, think carefully about how you want the shutters to look and how you want to use the shutters. This will help you choose the best shutter style for your home.