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How to Choose Window Treatments for a Mobile Home

If you have moved into a mobile home, you may be interesting in updating the interior decorations. Window treatments play a major role in providing privacy and give opportunity for some decorative flair. To start the redecorating process, here are a few tips on choosing and installing window treatments in your mobile home.

Take the Right Measurements

One of the most common mistakes made when taking measurements for window treatments is incorrectly measuring the size of the windows. Mobile home windows are typically smaller than those in a house, so be sure to be extra careful when taking measurements. When measuring for curtains, you should measure as close to the ceiling as possible. Installing panels that hang from near the ceiling to the floor will give the illusion of larger windows and make the space feel larger.

Matching Window Treatments to the Walls

There are a couple different ways to accomplish this. If there is already wallpaper that you don't intend to change hung in the room, then try to find window treatments that coordinate with the wallpaper. Doing so will provide consistency throughout the room. If you intend on painting, instead of painting first and choosing window treatments to match the paint color, pick the curtains first and pull the paint colors from the pattern of the curtain fabric.

Choosing Colors and Materials

Choosing the right colors and materials of window treatments can instantly transform a mobile home, promoting a feeling of warmth and space. Many people often gravitate towards plain white because white can make a space feel larger. Instead, consider other options, such as warm colors or soft patterns to give the room a comfortable feeling. Ideas to consider may include these:

Tone-on-tone- This is using several shades of a single color throughout your mobile home. For example, choose roman shades in a medium tan tone, curtain panels in a slighter darker brown, and wall paint in a cream or beige tone.

Use curtains with contrasting trim- light-colored panels with a dark trim can give the room a sleek, modern look.

Add a splash of color- Window treatments in a mobile home don't have to be bland in color. Consider choosing window treatments that have splashes of color or one solid bolder color to help brighten the room.

Choosing the best window treatment options for a mobile home may seem like a daunting task, but if you focus on how you want the room to look when finished, you can create an amazingly comfortable and attractive space.

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