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Adding More Light To Your Foyer: Exterior Door Options That Include Extra Windows

If you have a nice little entryway that keeps you and your visitors warm and dry, or a foyer that is large and spacious but lacks light, it may be time to consider adding more windows. While you are looking at windows, which will add more natural light to your entryway or foyer, do not forget to check out new exterior doors, too. There are many new exterior door options that include additional windows. Here are some of those options.

Glass, Glass and More Glass

For maximum effect and the most possible light you can allow through the portal to your home, you can buy an exterior door that is mostly glass panels set in a metal or wood frame. This type of door is accompanied by two vertical windows flanking the door, a horizontal decorative glass panel across the top and a half circle/arching window on top of that. If your entryway has the room and you want the absolute most natural light you can get, this is the exterior door and attached window set you need.

Castle Doors with Window Insets

These doors are so named for their rounded top and twin doors that open in or out. To let more light into your home, you can purchase the "castle" doors with glass insets. The thick wood frame of these doors holds the beveled glass in place. They are not much for privacy, but if you use these doors for an entryway and use a different second door that opens into your home, you can maintain privacy while getting all of that natural light and warmth into your entryway.

Greenhouse-Style Porch Remodel

A third and final option to consider is the greenhouse-style porch remodel. If you can afford to hire an architect, he or she can construct a custom entryway that does not look like a greenhouse but will have almost as many windows. You can select any type of door you want and then ask the architect to design an entire open glass-windowed porch around this door. (You could also turn your front porch/entryway into a greenhouse or mini-conservatory, but standard construction and conversion for this usually does not produce attractive results.)

To get this complete entryway overhaul (and it would have to be an entryway porch, not just a door that opens into your foyer or your home), you will also have to hire a contractor. A project of this magnitude and caliber takes time to complete, so make sure you have a secondary exit in your home that you are able and willing to use. Additionally, the total remodel would provide you with maximum light, heat and a very unique entryway.