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New Window Installation — Advice For DIY Homeowners

If you just purchased new windows and decide to set them up yourself, it's important to have a plan for this setup process. Then you can stay organized and get new windows that look and perform great. Here are a few protocols to consider for a DIY window setup.

Make Sure You Know Where To Start And End Your Measurements

It's important to measure the area where new windows are going so that you can make sure you order a new set that will fit perfectly and thus give you a stress-free installation. One of the most important things is to know where to start and end your measurements with a measuring tape.

This will ensure you gather the right dimensions and then can use them effectively to choose the appropriate size for new windows. There are plenty of video guides you can watch and professional contractors you can consult with to find out how to approach this measuring process.

Use A Shop Vacuum To Clean The Window's Frame

If you removed old windows to make way for a new set, there might be debris around the framing. For instance, there might be dirt and old window pieces left behind. You'll want to remove them completely so that when you set up new windows, they install flush and thus look great. 

The easiest way to clean around window framing before setting up new windows is to get a shop vacuum and work it around areas that are dirty. Just make sure your shop vacuum creates a strong suction and is ideally lightweight. Then you can carry out this cleaning task in a convenient manner.

Verify New Windows Are Level

To ensure this installation process leads to beautiful new windows that can hold up great over the years, you need to make sure the new windows are level after they're set up in framing. All you need is a leveler tool to check this aspect of your home window installation.

You can place it at the top of each window if there's room and then see just how even it is. If any window is off, then you'll know to adjust the framing to change this fact. For instance, you may need to add more framing materials to get even results.

One of the more dramatic things you can do to your home is add new windows. This installation will work out for the best if you take your time, use the right tools, and know what to assess after you finish. 

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