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Garden Windows: Should You Install Them?

If you have a small area in your home that's too small to enjoy comfortably, you may want to turn it into an indoor garden or something similar. You may even consider brightening up the space with windows. But if you don't think you can install windows in such a small space, you may use the space for storage instead. You can turn the small space in your home into an indoor garden with the right windows. Learn more about garden windows and how to install them in your small space below.

What Are Garden Windows?

Many people create indoor gardens in their kitchens and enclosed porches. Indoor gardens allow you to grow and nurture all types of plants, including tomatoes, herbs, and flowers. However, most plants require sufficient light to thrive or grow well. The right windows can help you create the light your future indoor plants need to be healthy.

Garden windows look similar to small boxes or square-shaped enclosures. Garden windows typically come with glass on almost every side, including the top and sides. However, the bottom frame comes completely enclosed or covered with wood, vinyl, or another material. 

The glass used to create garden windows is clear enough to allow sufficient sunlight into small spaces or rooms. The glass may be insulated, traditional, or a combination of both.

If you think a garden window will brighten and lighten up the small space in your home, call a window installation company today.

How Do You Install Garden Windows?

A window installation company will need to assess the small space in your home before they install a garden window in it. If you don't have any type of opening or frame in the room, a company will need to create it. A company may need to remove a small section of the wall to create the space you need for your window. 

After a company creates an opening for your garden window, they'll install a frame inside it. The frame will keep the garden window glass secure after the installation. A company may line the insides of the frame with insulation. Insulation prevents warm air from entering or exiting the space during the year, including during the summer. If the area tends to become exceptionally warm during the summer, insulation will help cool it down.

If you need assistance installing a garden window in your home, contact a window installation company for the services you need today.

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