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Are Fiberglass Entry Doors Right For You? Exploring The Pros And Cons

When many people think about residential entry doors, they tend to think about the installation of wood or steel doors. However, there is another option that many homeowners are finding is actually a better choice for them and their homes. This option is fiberglass entry doors. Taking a moment to explore the pros and cons associated with this option can help you to determine whether or not this option could be right for you as well. 

The Pros Of Fiberglass Entry Doors

  • Mimics Look Of Wood: Fiberglass entry doors come in a wide range of colors, textures, and finishes. This includes several styles that very closely mimic the look and feel of natural wood. This can be a real benefit for people who enjoy the look of wood without the cost and upkeep that comes along with it.
  • Low Maintenance: While there really is no such thing as an entry door that is completely maintenance-free, fiberglass doors come extremely close. In fact, the only thing you will really need to do for this door is to wipe it down from time to time to remove dust and dirt. 
  • Lightweight: Fiberglass entry doors are extremely lightweight when compared to options such as wood and steel. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners who find themselves struggling to open or close heavier doors. The lightweight nature of these doors also helps to minimize the wear and tear on your door frame.
  • Durable: Do not be fooled by the lightweight nature of fiberglass entry doors, these doors are still incredibly strong and durable. 

The Cons Of Fiberglass Entry Doors

  • Cost: When compared to some of the other residential entry doors on the market, fiberglass doors can be a bit on the expensive side. However, many homeowners will find that the many benefits these doors provide more than makes up for the slightly higher cost.
  • Fading Color: Fiberglass doors can experience issues with fading colors when exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. Consequently, these doors work best when used in conjunction with an overhand or other overhead surfaces to help shield them from the direct sun.

While fiberglass entry doors will not be right for all homeowners, these doors do provide the perfect solution for homeowners who want the look of a wood door without the high maintenance requirements that accompany real wood doors. Fiberglass doors can also be ideal for homeowners who want a door that offers the strength of steel but without excess weight. To learn more about fiberglass entry doors or to schedule an appointment, be sure to contact a window and door contractor in your local area.