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5 Things To Do Before Tinting Home Windows

Tinting you windows can improve comfort, energy use, and the appearance of your home. Make sure to do your research before installing the tint.

1. Verify Your Warranty

If you have newer windows that are still under a manufacturer's or installer's warranty, check the documentation carefully. Generally, window tinting will not void any warranties as long as you have the job done by professionals. Trying to DIY a tint job may compromise your warranty, though. It's also a good idea to choose a tinting service that also warranty's their own work just in case there are ever any issues with the tinting.

2. Check the Efficiency Rating

For many homeowners, the main reason to invest in tint is to increase the energy efficiency of their home. If this is your reasoning, then make sure to check the efficiency rating of the tint types you are considering carefully. Not all tint is created equal, but every manufacturer does list their efficiency rating on the label so that you can easily compare them. This way, you won't end up with tint that doesn't prepare as well as desired.

3. Look Into Incentive Programs

There are occasionally incentive programs available that will provide a rebate for all or some of the cost when you install energy-efficient window tinting. Although these incentives are sometimes in the form of federal tax breaks, there may also be local incentives offered by local or state governments or by your energy company. Often, the tinting service can advise you about any current incentives, but it can pay to do your own research as well.

4. Learn the Maintenance Requirements

Depending on the type of tint, there may be some maintenance requirements. These are usually quite simple, such as the need to use only certain cleaners or to avoid cleaners and tools that could damage the tint, such as those that contain abrasives. Check with the installer about the maintenance requirements for the tint you choose before installation. This way you can be sure that the maintenance is something you are willing to keep up with.

5. Know Your Options

Home window tinting comes in a variety of options. There are nearly clear tints that only blocks UV rays without darkening the window, privacy tints that allow you to see out while no one can see in, and reflective tints that provide both privacy and energy efficiency. Check all of the options available so you can find the one that works best for your needs.

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