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The Best Window Treatments As Affordable Energy Improvements For Old Windows

Windows are the areas of homes where air leaks occur and a lot of energy is lost. Therefore, replacement windows and other improvements have become a popular energy renovation for homes. If you have been considering window replacements, you will soon find out that they are costly improvements that are not right for all homes. Window treatments like blinds and shutters, are more affordable solutions to stop energy loss at windows in your home. Here are some of the window treatments that will help you stop air leaks and energy loss:

1. Interior Binds and Shades to Improve Energy Efficiency of Windows

Interior blinds are a great way to control natural lighting and improve the efficiency of windows. In addition, blinds come in many different styles, which are made of wood, vinyl, and other materials. You may also want to choose to add shades to your windows. There are thermal shades available that fit tightly in window seals and will help in stopping cold drafts and air leaks in your home. These are some of the easiest and most affordable improvements that you can do to the windows in your home.

2. Shutters Outside or Inside Your Home to Help Stop Energy Loss

Shutters will help save energy, as well as protect your home from storms. Shutters can also be installed inside or outside of your home. Interior plantation shutters are a great solution to add decorative accents to the interior of your home. Shutters also give you the ability to adjust them for natural lighting in your home, according to your needs. This type of window treatment will cost a little more than conventional blinds but will give you the extra benefit of added security and protection form storm damage.

3. Window Films and Curtains To Help Stop Cold Drafts From Old, Thin Glass

Many older homes with thin glass have cold drafts, which is directly caused by the windows. To stop cold drafts, consider having a window film installed. Window films can also be tinted, which can improve privacy, stop glare, and add an aesthetically-pleasing touch to windows. In addition, curtains over windows will also help to provide insulation and stop cold drafts that come through the gaps between window frames.

These are some of the window treatments solutions that will help make your home more energy efficient. It is a good idea to do repairs and other improvements in addition to window treatments, such as adding film and insulation around the window frame. Contact a window treatment or accessory company, such as Ardy's Gallery of Window Coverings, to help with these solutions for your home.