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3 Ideas To Help You Renovate Windows For A Replacement Alternative

Replacement windows are something you hear a lot about when it comes to energy efficient home improvements. They are also something that may not be right for every home. Instead of replacements, you may want to consider other solutions, such as adding film or replacing panes. These can be especially good solutions for restorations and preserving old, unique window designs. Here are some of the options you may want to consider for improving your windows without replacing them:

1. Installing Shades And Anti-Glare Screens On Windows

If you are concerned mostly about the cost of cooling during the summer months, simple solutions like anti-glare screens and shades can help reduce heat gain. This is something simple that almost any window service can do for you. The screens can just be replaced with newer materials that help to reduce the direct sunlight and UV rays. This is an especially good solution for homes in warmer climates, where there are more days of direct sunlight that you need AC for cooling.

2. Adding Window Film To Glass For Improved Energy Savings

Window film can be another good solution for reducing glare and adding energy efficiency. This can be a good solution for areas where you may need to have some heating during the colder months and where simple screens and shades might not do enough. This is because modern glass films are also great at insulating glass, which can be good for old windows with thin glass that can cause your home to be drafty during the winter months.

3. Replacing Window Panes With Modern Energy Efficient Glass

Window panes can be a problem with older windows, and you may want to consider replacing them. If you have a drafty home with single pane glass windows, you may want to consider having your window glass replaced with a modern glass that can protect your home from UV radiation, as well as help insulate the windows and address drafts of cold air. Replacing the old glass can also be a good solution if you want to preserve the look of custom or historic windows. By just replacing the glass, you will be able to keep your old windows and improve their energy efficiency.

Replacing the windows in your home may not be the best solution for you. If you want alternative solutions, contractor window glass pane replacements to make the windows in your home more energy efficient. To learn more, contact a company like Distinctive Siding & Window