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Proper Care Of Glass Shower Doors

If you recently decided to upgrade your existing shower curtain to include glass doors, you will soon be enjoying the improvement to the appearance of your bathroom along with the convenience in having water contained in the enclosure instead of dripping out onto the floor. Glass shower doors need to be properly cared for so they look their best for years to come. Here are some steps one can use to keep these panes of glass in the best possible condition so they continue giving your bathroom an appealing presentation.

Keep Cleaning Tools Inside The Enclosure

It is best to keep materials needed to clean the glass doors inside the shower. This way, they will be within easy reach so you can utilize them when your shower has ended. Purchase a shower caddy to hang around your shower head. This can hold your cleaning solution, a small squeegee, and a clean washcloth. Make sure to wipe down your cleaning supplies after use so they do not become mildewed or encrusted with hard water deposits. The washcloth should be swapped with a new one after each use.

Spray Down The Shower After Each Use

After you turn off your shower, cleaning of the glass panes should be done promptly. This will minimize the risk of any water markings or soap deposits hardening onto the panes. If you fail to do a clean-up after your shower, these items will be more difficult to remove after your next one. Put a towel around yourself to dry off and grab your supplies from the shower caddy. Spray down the interior glass panes with a cleaning solution made especially for shower door use. Remove the cleaning agent with the squeegee. Hold the washcloth along one side of the rubber scraper on the squeegee to collect moisture. Start at the top of each door and use the squeegee from side to side until you reach the bottom of the door.

Upkeep The Appearance With Deep-Cleaning

It is a good idea to give your shower doors a deep-cleaning session once every month or two to ensure all deposits are removed in their entirety. Use a mixture of half water-half distilled white vinegar as your cleaning agent. Heat this in your microwave for a few seconds before putting in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on the doors immediately after heating. The heat will help break up any leftover deposits on the glass. Use your squeegee and washcloth to remove the solution from the glass.

Add some car wax to glass shower doors every year. This will fill in any porous areas within the glass, leaving it with a sleek finish as a result. Simply rub the solution on the glass and use a non-abrasive piece of microfiber cloth to buff it into the surface. Talk to a door retailer, like Bradenton Window & Allied Products, for more help.