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2 Windows That Can Make Your Home Easier To Keep Clean

One of the most annoying daily tasks that many people struggle to keep up with is keeping their homes clean, mostly because it can seem like an overwhelming amount of work, particularly if you have to work or take care of your children as well. However, there are a few window replacement options that you can consider installing throughout your house that can help you cut down on your home cleaning chores, such as the two listed below.

Double-Hinged Windows

One of the hardest tasks when it comes to cleaning your windows is ensuring that both the inside and outside surfaces of the window are actually clean. This task can be made even more difficult if you have a home that is more than a single level. In that situation, you may have to resort to spraying the windows from ground level, taking the risk of climbing up the windows on a ladder, or simply ignoring the windows and letting them get dirty.

Double-hinged windows are a great solution to this problem as they are designed to open into the home when needed. This will allow you to be able to wipe both sides of the glass without having to actually leave your home, which makes it much easier to keep all of your windows perfectly clean and clear.

Windows With Enclosed Blinds

Another home cleaning chore that can often be a hassle to deal with is dealing with dust. This issue is often an even bigger problem when dealing with blinds as they can often attract very large amounts of dust in a short amount of time.

A simple way to eliminate this issue is to consider windows that have blinds installed between two panes of glass. The only parts of the blind system that are outside of the glass are the parts that you can use to open or raise your blinds. 

Since the blinds are trapped between two panes of glass, dust is unable to reach the blinds and you do not have to worry about cleaning them. A nice added perk to having enclosed blinds is that your inquisitive cat or overexcited dog will not be able to destroy or mangle the blinds every time that they want to see what is going on outside.

Contact a window dealer or contractor, like Beissel Window & Siding, today in order to discuss the many window replacement options that would be suitable for your home. If you are trying to make your home easier to keep clean, it is very difficult to find more suitable options than double-hinged windows and enclosed blinds.