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How To Prevent Birds From Flying Into Your Windows

Birds flying into windows is a common concern for most homeowners. Not only does it present a real risk to the bird, often injuring or killing it on impact, but it can also cause damage to your windows as well, which can be expensive to repair or replace. Thankfully, there are a couple of simple things that you can do to help prevent birds from hitting your windows.

Install Screens

Installing screens on the outside of your windows so that there is a visible obstruction between the window and the bird, as well as a sort of safety net, can help protect both the birds and your windows. These types of screens, sometimes referred to as bug screens, can be found at most hardware stores. In addition to keeping birds from hitting your window, they also make it much harder for insects to make their way into your home. However, these screens will obstruct your view while you are inside, which is something to take into consideration.

Shutters and Curtains

Installing window treatments is another simple way to prevent birds from hitting windows. Have them on the interior of your home, and close them when you're not in the room. Since birds will be able to see the shutters and blinds, they will not try to fly through the window. Additionally, using window treatments like these in the summer can help block out sunlight, helping to keep your home cool and comfortable while also lowering your energy bills.

Move Birdfeeders

Though this does not have anything to do with your windows themselves, you should move your birdfeeders (or birdbaths or similar installations) to a new location if you notice that birds are hitting your windows regularly. By moving the feeder, you will reduce the amount of birds that are near your home and thus also reduce the likelihood of one hitting your windows. However, this is rarely a completely effective solution, and usually should be done in conjunction with the installation of screens or window treatments.

Wind Chimes

If possible, hang a wind chime or another exterior decoration near your window. This will help disrupt birds from seeing your window and flying into it, while not sacrificing the aesthetic of the exterior of your home or blocking your view. Placing other decorations, like stickers or decals, on the window can also help disrupt the illusion of an opening that your window creates.

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