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An Easy-Peasy Maintenance Checklist To Keep Vinyl Windows Looking New For The Long Term

Those vinyl windows that you now have proudly situated in your home look incredible when they are new, and there is no doubt that you will want to keep them looking just as new for years down the road. While vinyl windows are resilient and easy to clean, it is all too easy for homeowners with new vinyl replacement windows to neglect their new home features and see them start to look dated within just a few short years. To protect your investment in new vinyl replacement windows, there is an easy maintenance checklist to keep in mind. 

1. Skip the abrasive cleaners on vinyl window frames. - Abrasive cleaners are no good with vinyl material as it will cause it to deteriorate or discolor. Instead, clean with regular soap and warm water and a soft scrubber. If you must use something heavy to clean stubborn soiled spots, make sure you rinse it away immediately to remove any remaining residue.

2. Lubricate the tracks of the windows a few times a year. - In the spring and fall it is a good idea to add a dab of lubrication to the tracks of the windows to keep them freely opening and closing. If the window is lacking in lubrication, it makes it a lot easier for a window to get stuck, which can cause damage with enough force. Use WD-40 (or a similar spray lubricant) to give the window tracks an even coat. 

3. Avoid allowing window cleaner to pool at the base of the window panel. - As you are cleaning the glass of your vinyl windows, don't allow the window cleaner to pool at the base of the window where the vinyl frame meets the glass for very long. The prolonged exposure can break down the window glazing and even discolor the vinyl of the window frame. It is a good idea to keep a soft cotton towel handy to wipe away any residual window cleaner as it drips down. 

4. Check vinyl window frames for damage annually. - If a small crack or fissure happens on the vinyl material of your new windows, it will allow moisture to seep its way inside. This moisture will only cause further damage to the window itself and the wooden frame around the window, so it is a good idea to be alert to even small damages. If you spot a problem, contact a window repair professional for help or seal off any small spots with silicone sealant in the same color as your windows.