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3 Signs You Need New Windows

Just because the window panes in your home don't have any visible damage doesn't mean that they are in great shape and doing their job correctly. Your windows could need replacing, even if they aren't damaged, if they are old and have worn out enough that they are causing problems for your home. There are a number of signs that you should pay attention to that indicate that it is time for you to be getting new windows. 

The Area Around Your Windows is Damaged

The area around your windows can be damaged without your window pane having any actual damage. Damage to your window sill, window frame, and window jambs such as chipping, water damage, or soft wood are all good indicators that you need to have your windows replaced. Deterioration of these areas around the window can cause gaps, leading to air getting in and out of the home. If you notice the structural area around your windows is damaged, have all of the windows replaced entirely.

You Feel Drafts

When your windows are closed, you should not be feeling any drafts in your home. Drafts are indicative of improperly insulated and sealed windows. Windows that aren't sealed and insulated properly can drive up your heating and cooling bills by letting out the heated or cool air in your home. If you feel drafts when you are near your windows, it is a good indication that they need to be totally replaced .

Your Windows Gather Condensation and Frost 

Although beautifully frosted windows or windows that have gathered dew drops might look nice, these things are markers of problems with your windows. If your windows were insulated properly, condensation and frost would not occur. If you have double paned windows and you notice condensation in between the panes, this is an indication that the seals for the panes have failed and that air is getting in and outside your home. If your single paned windows are frosty and gathering moisture, it means that your windows are letting in and out air that should be trapped in your house instead. 

If you notice one or all of these signs, then you should talk to a window installation company like Nu-Vue Products about getting your home outfitted with brand new windows. Often times the only way to solve the troubles caused by old and worn out windows is by getting them totally replaced.